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Let’s get straight to the meat & potatoes, or mushrooms & potatoes if you’re vegan. The biggest complaint across the board regarding working with creative agencies and freelancers is the blatant lack of transparency & never knowing where digital assets are. To make for a better creative experience with our clients we have created a collaborative dashboard that lets you quickly be able to view and provide feedback on the many different layers of your project. You can upload documents, review revisions on websites prototypes, request status updates, and see the creative & development team’s real-time progress on tasks important to your projects.

Design Lead

Natalie Hern

Team Size | 6
With more than 8+ years in the design industry, Natalie plays a key role in taking content from idea to reality.

“The thought of scaling my brand used to scare me. But that all changed thanks to the teams at MCB! They make everything easy to understand and use!”

Current Client,
Diane Jones

Meet Your New Team Members

Dev Lead

Nicholas Segwa

Team Size | 13
I am Nick, a full-stack developer. I work with a talented group of engineers building world-class web and mobile apps. We love Agile which allows us to focus on fixing and shipping features every single day.

“The best group of creative agencies! Not only is everything so simple, but they have the best rates in the industry.”

Current Client,
Carl Correa

Creative Direction

Michael L. Alexander

Active Projects | 3
Throughout my career my strengths have layed in my uncanny ability to define creative strategies that position brands for sustained growth and market entry.

“Talk about a cool way to build my brand! Everything is online and if you do need to speak to someone for help, it’s like talking to a friend!”

Current Client,
Leonie Vega

How does it work?



Once signed in you will have immediate access to all your important project information. You can have multiple projects running at the same time.



Inside of your individual projects you will have access to details such as project timelines, tasks, budgets, & more. You can also communicate directly with different teams such as the web development team who will collaborate with you to fulfill all your web needs.



Quickly upload & review important documents with ease so the project can move forward expeditiously.



The best part of all is you can see an X-ray of all the behind the scene moving parts that our teams are doing to make your project succeed.

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With decades of proven experience, our teams are prepared to help you achieve your goals, and beyond.

our team members

We have a very diverse group of team members who specialize in a wide variety of marketing & content creation roles within the industry.

Leadership Team

Eccentric & always on the cusp of new technologies, our creative direction & development leadership play a key role in the strategic implementation of the overall creative.

“The days of intimidating & confusing branding management are finally over!”

Your business, Our expert teams

We are excited to collaborate with you in the near future, please feel free to contact us & learn how we can help you reach your brand’s goals through collaborating with us in a transparent creative environment. 


A project collaboration portal is a place where clients can work directly with team members on a project. It’s primary purpose is to organize all the different moving pieces of a project into one cohesive dashboard. This allows clients & team members to work as efficiently as possible, with the least amount of delays.

You can sign into your portal by clicking here, and if you are not already signed up click here to start a new project.

It is not required that you work inside of your collaboration portal, however we strongly advise that you do. By working in the portal you are helping us keep your project organized, on budget, & on time. You can schedule virtual meetings from inside of your project areas if that fits your working style.

Three agencies have come together to offer an unmatched creative experience. These are Atlier Studio, Patrick T Cooper, & Provelop Digital. Each agency’s process has been fitted to robust marketing & content creation channels a chance to have a real impact with your business. Click here to get to know us more.


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 Our current event style approach allows us to identify the WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, WHY, and HOW of your brand to create concrete blueprints to access the DNA of your customer.